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Our in Person Location

Our collection is available at our in person location, here we also offer services such as sizings, repairs, battery replacement and more.


Coulisse D'or was founded in 1990, by husband and wife, Raymond Duplessis and Diane Duplessis. Raymond fell in love with the jewelry trait and began his education with the Gemological Institute of America, then, together with his wife, he opened his first location. Their business has now grown into one of the most successful jewelry stores in the country. After over 30 years in business, Coulisse D'or offers exquisitely crafted jewelry. As a family business, Coulisse D'or prides itself on its devotion to beautiful products and exceptional customer service. Coulisse D'or is taking the next step in its journey and is now offering its premium jewellery online.   


Raymond ''Bou'' Duplessis
As well as being the co-founder of Coulisse D'or, Raymond is also our expert jeweller. He takes care of all repairs, sizings and creates beautiful custom jewelry. 


Diane Duplessis (Lajoie)
As well as being the co-founder of Coulisse D'or, Diane also takes care of all things administration and ensures customer satisfaction.

Jewelry Expert
Renee Melanson
As a jewelry expert Renee, takes care of customer consultations. She is also our professional photographer.


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