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The Gift of a Lifetime: How to Secretly Find Out Someone's Ring Size

Buying a ring as a gift can be a tricky task, especially if you're not sure of the recipient's ring size. But don't worry, there are a few sneaky ways to find out someone else's ring size without them knowing.

Method 1: Check Their Jewelry Box

If the person you're buying the ring for already owns rings, it's likely that they'll have one that fits them well. Check out their jewelry box or ask to borrow a ring that they wear on the finger you're buying the ring for. (Example: If you're buying an engagement ring try to use a ring they wear on the ring finger, preferably of the same hand but the opposite hand can work as well.)

Once you have the ring follow these simple steps to figure out the size of the ring.

  1. If you're lucky the ring size will be written on the inside of the ring, but if not take a piece of string and by looping it make it the exact same size as the ring.

  2. Take the piece of string that is now the same size as the ring and using a ruler, measure its length in millimeters. This means laying the string flat down and stretching it out to its full length.

  3. Use this chart to find out the size of the ring.

Example: If the string has a length of 14.0mm using the chart you will see that the ring size is 3. String is 16.00mm, ring size is 5.5....

Method 2: String method

If you couldn't find one of their rings you can still use this string method, but this is one of the more risky ways to try and find out their ring size. You will have to wrap the string around their finger (The finger your buying the ring for)

After you've successfully wrapped the string around their finger use the same steps as above to find out their ring size.

Method 3: Ask a Friend or Family Member

If you're close to the person you're buying the ring for, you may be able to ask a friend or family member for their ring size. They may already know or be able to find out without the person suspecting anything.

If all else fails, buy the ring and have it sized after gifting it to them. We offer free resizing on all our rings, so you can always send it back and have it sized perfectly!

Finding out someone else's ring size can be a tricky task, but with a little bit of creativity and a lot of stealth, you'll be able to get the perfect ring for that special someone.

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